Difference Between Accu-Check's FastClix and Multiclix

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Fastclix Versus Multiclix: What is the difference?


Well, they are very similar, but there are differences even though they are both made by Accu-Chek. The FastClix is the new model being offered by Accu-chek and is replacing the Multiclix. You might wonder if you should rush out and buy the newer model. Both are preloaded, so there is no need to touch each lancet, which is a huge plus for most users. You simply swap out the preloaded cartridges for new lancets. Also, with both, you can dial in the penetration depth. As you can see, they are very similar. 



 While we believe Pip Lancets offers the best experience possible, many diabetics have not experienced the life-changing world our lancets can offer. Reviews of other lancets -- such as FastClix and MultiClix -- can help with your research. And, if you aren't sold on your current lancet, try Pip!


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Comparing FastClix Vs Multiclix


There are two key differences between Accu-Chek FastClix and the Accu-Chek Multiclix. 


  • The FastClix combines a one-click prime and release. You simply press the button one time, which makes the entire process much easier. The quick prime and the one-push release are highly beneficial. 
  • The size of the Accu-Chek FastClix is much smaller than the Accu-chek Multiclix, which makes it easier to handle and fit in your pocket. The diameter size of the Multiclix is bigger, which is a drawback for individuals with small hands. 


Accu-chek FastClix 


The Accu-FastClix has a lot of advantages that users might want to consider when picking a device. Without a doubt, a great deal of thought went into the design to ensure that it provides a comfortable feel and an acceptable grip. Most users find the FastClix by Accu-chek acceptable.  


  • It takes only a single click.
  • Each drum features six preloaded lancets, so you never have to worry about seeing or touching the lancet
  • Choose from 11 depth settings so you can obtain the correct amount of blood without needing to repeat 
  • The device is designed with precision-guided technology, so you’ll rarely have to endure any side-to-side motion
  • The lancets are a bevel-headed and thin gauge, so you achieve smooth and easy entry through the skin’s surface 
  • There is a lancet lever so you can effortlessly advance to the next new lancet 
  • A counter clearly displays the remaining number of lancets that have not been used 


Accu-chek Multiclix 


The Accu-chek Multiclix has been the standby model, so if you don’t feel like updating to the newer FastClix, then don’t. Honestly, many people adore their Multiclix, so there is no reason to upgrade. 


  • Has 11 depth setting that you can customize to fit your unique skin type
  • Features a comfortable grip so you can hold the Multiclix with ease
  • Features Accu-chek Load and Go technology 



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