Simple, Safe, Painless Lancets

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Simple, Safe, Painless Lancets

Overcome the fear and frustration of diabetes fingersticks with Pip. Fully concealed needle, all-in-one device makes blood sugar testing quick and easy!

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How It Works

1. Twist cap in a complete circle to remove

2. Push gently against test site

3. Apply blood drop to prepared test strip.

Easy To Use

We understand pricking your finger can be painful, scary, frustrating. That’s why we’ve created a lancet that eliminates the frustration, pain and hazards of standard diabetes fingersticks.

Pip Lancets are all-in-one lancets, so no lancing device is needed. The needle is fully concealed before and after use, so you never have to worry about exposed needles.


Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

Managing your diabetes shouldn't be so darn complicated. Pip makes simple, intuitive products that help you cut through the clutter and confusion of diabetes supplies. No longer do you need a medical degree to manage your diabetes.