Our Story

In 2017, I was hosting my mother at my home in Franklin, Tennessee for the weekend.  At the time, I was working in the hospital industry and happened to be selling millions of lancets to hospitals all over the United States.  The lancets we were selling to hospitals were retractable lancets and had been available for many years in response to a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) mandate which required the use of safety devices to be used to prevent accidental needlesticks and cross-contamination caused by traditional lancets.

My mother and I found ourselves in a conversation about "what I actually did for a living" when she realized that the type of lancets that my company sold were quite different than the ones her Diabetes Educator had trained her on.  These lancets were not available in her pharmacy of choice, and they were not covered by her insurance company. In fact, she was completely unaware that such a device even existed!

At the time, I wasn’t close with any people with diabetes (with the exception of my mother),  and my mother’s diabetes wasn’t something we discussed very often. But that evening, I decided to leave her a couple of Pip Lancets to use.  The next morning is when she and I both made a big realization.

Mom came downstairs and immediately exclaimed, "These things are AMAZING!  They are so much easier to use, I don't have to worry about getting stuck again by the needle, and you can hardly feel it!"  This was the moment we realized we needed to share this product with the world in a very intentional way.

We understand that fingersticks are no fun, that Needle Fear is a REAL THING and impacts many people with diabetes, that some people don't ever change their lancets on a regular basis, and each year, there are roughly 850,000 accidental injuries from needles while handling household garbage.

At Pip, our mission is to improve the lives of people with diabetes by reducing the complexity of the day-to-day management of this condition.

 Many people with diabetes have given up on testing their blood sugar because they HATE the fingerstick process so much. We have heard from hundreds of customers that claim Pip Lancets helped them to overcome the anxiety and fear of fingersticks.

At Pip, our hope is that our products will help people test more often and take better care of themselves because we make the process simple, safe, and painless!

Josh Pittman