Fastclix Vs Delica Lancets: What's the Difference?

Pip Painless Lancets

Diabetes lancets are an essential tool used by diabetics to monitor blood glucose levels. Several lancet devices are available on the market, so which one is best? When considering which lancet to use, take into consideration the cost, effectiveness, and efficiency of each lancet.

Not all are created equal. Some lancets may be cheaper, but harder to use or more painful. Others may be more expensive but come with more amenities that some may find cumbersome or unnecessary. Diabetes is molded to who you are and what works for you, so why shouldn’t lancets be treated any differently?

Pip Painless Lancets


Let’s look at two different brands of lancets. FastClix lancets are a popular brand of lancets used frequently by diabetics. Overall, the rating is good. FastClix lancets are $21.49 for 102 lancets. Each box comes with six preloaded lancet “drums”. This means that you never have to see individual lancets; however, there are several steps you must take to use the device.

First, you must set up the lancing device, load the device with a lancet drum, place the cap back on the device, adjust the device for preferred penetration depth, and advance a new lancet via fingerstick using the 1-click method. FastClix has 11 customizable depth settings which can make it easier for those individuals with thicker skin to puncture effectively. FastClix lancets come in 30-gauge needle sizes, which is standard for lancets.

Delica is another lancet brand that have overall good ratings. Delica lancets cost $21.99 for 100 lancets. Delica is also a multistep lancet system. You must first insert a sterile lancet, remove the protective lancet cover, replace the lancing device cap, set the lancet depth, cock the device, and finally complete a fingerstick by releasing the button on the device.

People may find loading the device with each use more complicated than the multiuse lancet “drum” of FastClix.


Delica does offer smaller-sized lancet needles. Delica comes in 30 and 33-gauge needles offering a very fine needle option. 33-gauge needles are smaller than the standard 30-gauge needles typically used. Some reviews questioned that such a fine needle would puncture enough skin to get a proper blood sample.

Still, the option is there for a smaller needle, if preferred.

If you want inexpensive lancets that are efficient, safe, easy to use, and painless, try Pip Lancets. Pip lancets are less expensive than FastClix and Delica lancets. PipLancets offer one step systems.

Just open and click. It is so simple and pain free. A box of 100 PipLancets cost $16.00, which is must cheaper than both FastClix and Delica lancets. PipLancets offers 30-gauge and 28-gauge needle sizes as well as 3 different depth choices. Do you really need 11 different penetration choices to collect a blood sample? Try the PipLancets Difference.