Pip Pack Member - Cynthia

Please share a story that comes to mind that portrays your personal experience and journey with diabetes (age of diagnosis, playing on a sports team, managing lows while traveling, etc.) and how has Pip contributed to your diabetes journey and what makes you excited about joining the Pip Pack?
Id reached the point when I said no more testing. Sick and tired of hurting myself 4-6 times every day on top of 6 shots. I quit testing. My A1C soared. Knew I was in a red zone. Saw the article, sent for sample pack for Pip Lancets. Wow. Just Wow. Was surprised. A needle is a needle. Nope. Now, my A1C is coming down, no more tears and life just got a bit easier.

What have you learned from your experiences with diabetes?
It’s a progressive disease, period. Get your head screwed on straight, stand up and take control. If not, there are serious consequences.