Pip Pack Member - Robin

Please share a story that comes to mind that portrays your personal experience and journey with diabetes (age of diagnosis, playing on a sports team, managing lows while traveling, etc.

I almost died last year due to keto acidosis. My sugar was over 800 and I hadn't eaten in three days because I was sick. I don't remember but bits and pieces from that day when the ambulance got me to the hospital just in time. I was in ICU for 3.5 days. The doctor took me off all oral diabetes meds and put me on straight insulin. When I was released I saw an ad in Facebook for Pips and ordered the trial kit as I always hated the Lancet devices I'd previously used due to anticipation anxiety of the jab to my fingers. No longer have that thanks to Pip!

How has Pip contributed to your diabetes journey and what makes you excited about joining the Pip Pack?

I love my blue pips they make it so much easier to get blood for my meter. 99.5% of the time I never feel anything. They are easy to take everywhere because it's all inclusive you don't have to have a device and lancets and while in restaurants dont have to worry about disposal of a sharp because it stays covered. So convenient.

What have you learned from your experiences with diabetes?

Always keep a check on your levels and pip makes it so much easier to do that.