Pip Pack Member - Stan

Please share a story that comes to mind that portrays your personal experience and journey with diabetes (age of diagnosis, playing on a sports team, managing lows while traveling, etc.
I was diagnosed after a routine blood test for a physical. My glucose numbers were so high that the doctor said she was surprised I wasn't hospitalized.

How has Pip contributed to your diabetes journey and what makes you excited about joining the Pip Pack?
I always hated using the lancets that came with the glucose meters. They hurt tremendously. I even hated the sound the spring made when you cocked it back and released the needle. I stopped taking my readings because of that. Then, I discovered Pip lancets. That changed my life... I now take my readings daily with no hesitation or pain. Thank you, Pip! 

What have you learned from your experiences with diabetes?
That taking your readings and using a lancet doesn't have to hurt so bad to work.