Advantages of Pip Safety Lancets

Pip Lancets in 3 sizes


Whether you are newly diagnosed with diabetes or have been living with diabetes for years, testing your blood sugar is a crucial part or maintaining your health. For some people with diabetes, this can mean once or twice a day, while others may need to test their blood sugar seven times a day or more. In order to test your blood sugar, you must obtain a small blood sample from a finger stick.


Traditional lancets are the most common tool used to obtain these samples, but, unfortunately, these can intimidate those new to needle sticks, increase the risk of accidental sticks, and make disposal on the go more difficult. Safety lancets, or Pip lancets, eliminate these common complications and make testing your blood sugar much quicker and safer and are convenient to use anywhere at any time.


Pip Painless Lancets


Traditional Lancets Versus Pip Lancets


Traditional lancets are small pieces of molded plastic with a needle at the end. A small round plastic piece covers the needle until use. Simply twist off the cap to expose the needle. Individuals can simply use these lancets as a standalone method simple jabbed into the finger or place the lancet in a lancet device that injects with the push of a button.


Pip lancets, on the other hand, are an all-in-one disposable lancet device that never exposes the needle. Each lancet comes inside a preloaded device. Simply twist off the cap, place the Pip lancet against your finger, and the needle activates. You never see the needle, and once complete, you can simply throw the device away.


Benefits of A Pip Lancet


While both devices work well to obtain your necessary blood sample, Pip lancets offer many benefits over traditional lancets when it comes to making your daily life less painful and easier to manage.


  • Less anxiety and fear of needle sticks – For many new diabetics, the idea of sticking your finger with a needle throughout the day can cause fear and anxiety. Seeing the needle with traditional lancets can make a person hesitant, often resulting in poor sticks and the need for additional sticks. Pip lancets contain the needle, never exposing it to view. For many, this makes it much less stressful to perform regular blood sugar testing.
  • Eliminate accidental needle sticks – Traditional lancets expose the needle, increasing the risk of accidental sticks when loading the lancet into the injector or during disposal. Pip lancets all-in-one design and covered needle eliminate this risk.
  • Safe for children – Pip lancets provide a safer alternative for diabetic children. With no access to an exposed needle or the hazards of disposal, these lancets make it safer for children to administer their own regular blood sugar checks.
  • There is no need for lancet devices – Because Pip lancets are an all-in-one lancet. There is no need to purchase a lancet device. These lancets are self-contained and work on their own.
  • Multiple size options – Pip lancets come in a variety of needle sizes and lengths. Small, thin needles are comfortable for most people, while those with thicker skin may choose a larger and longer option.
  • Easy disposal – Unlike traditional lancets that leave an exposed needle after use, the needle in Pip lancets is never exposed. This makes it safer and easier to dispose of these lancets properly after use.


Try Pip Lancets for yourself. We’re pretty sure you’ll never go back to traditional lancets!