Genteel Lancet Reviews And Alternatives

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Imagine no more finger prick pain! the Genteel Lancing Device boasts just such a claim. With depth control, you can free up your fingers by enjoying the ease of testing on other areas of your body. 

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Genteel Three-Step Process

The Genteel Lancing Device is a three-step process that reinvents the blood draw system. 


  1. You place the Genteel Lancing Device against your skin and simply compress the button. 
  2. Do not remove your finger from the button for at least four to 10 seconds to create a vacuum. 
  3. Release the button and remove the device from the skin to collect the blood. 

Learning to Use the Genteel Lancing Device

You will have to assemble the lancing device. There is a learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to operate the device because most users are unsure how long to continue compressing the activation button and they might release it too soon. 

Contact Tips Instead of a Dial Feature

The Genteel Lancing Device relies on contact tips that you place in the nozzle instead of a dial feature, which is common with other lancing devices. However, it does take time to change the tips. You will need to try them to determine which one works best for your unique needs. The lancets are color-coded, which is a perk. Also, there is no system for ejecting the lancets after they have been used. Instead, you will need to pull them out manually. You will have to rinse the nozzle and contact strips with water to remove any blood residue. 

Size of the Genteel

The Genteel Lancing System is big, which many may consider a drawback. However, others might not see the size as a problem. 

Comparing Lancing Systems 

As with any lancing system, there are drawbacks, but if the pain is a factor, then the fact that the Genteel Lancing System is virtually pain-free cannot be overlooked.  

If you want a pain-free lancet, then you do have other options. The Pip Lancet is virtually pain-free, discreetly sized, and easy to use. Many user’s reporters’ greater comfort with the Pip Lancet compared to the Genteel Lancing System. Both systems give you a clean, easy way to check your blood sugar levels, but you will need to weight out the factors that are important to you. 

How to Use the Pip Lancet 

With the Pip Lancet, you twist the cap to remove it, push the device against the testing site on the skin, and then discard the used to the lancet. You do not have to worry about seeing blood or having to clean it (as you do with the Genteel Lancing System). The Pip Lancet is quick, easy, discreet, virtually pain-free, and clean. 

We offer an innovative, more comfortable lancet designed for the on-the-go diabetic. Experience Pip Lancets.