Multiclix vs. Delica Lancets

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What are the differences? Try to find reviews? Why do people like different ones?

Multiclix and Delica lancets are commonly compared among diabetics. Lancets are compared based upon a few characteristics:

  • Needle size
  • Depth settings
  • Convenience
  • Aesthetics 
  • Efficiency

Lancet needle sizes are often discussed among diabetics. Needle “gauge” is the measurement used to determine needle size. Knowing the correct gauge is essential because it tells you the size of the lancet needle. Contrary to what you might think: The larger the gauge, the smaller the needle, while the smaller gauge size, the larger the needle. 

Depth settings are used to adjust the depth of insertion. For example, your pinkie finger does not need as much depth as your thumb. Many devices offer various depth settings from 3 to 11 different settings to accommodate your finger.

Convenience, aesthetics, and efficiency are important for lancet usage because diabetics use the device four times a day, and sometimes more. Ease of use is important because diabetics use these devices daily, all year round. The device needs to be aesthetically pleasing and efficient to make the experience more enjoyable and manageable. The two devices we are comparing are Multiclix and Delica.



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Mulitclix comes with 30-gauge lancets, which is standard. The higher the number, the smaller the lancet size. The smaller the lancet size, the less pain it will inflict. Multiclix has 11 depth settings versus the standard 3 to similar devices. The drum of the Multiclix is preloaded with lancets that hold the lancet in place to reduce pain and has a raised edge that provides a guide for the location of the test.

Customers often compliment Multiclix’s feel, ease of use, and cartridges. Customers say that Multiclix feels solid, well-constructed, and that everything moves with a purpose. They also compliment the button for operating the lancet, saying it is sturdy and not easily, accidentally triggered. The button can easily be used with one hand.



Delica is known for the straight shot needle insertion without vibration, reducing pain. Delica is the smallest lancet on the market at 33 gauge. This is 40% smaller than industry standards. Such a small needle size significantly reduces pain. The Delica has seven depth settings. Customers reported that they enjoyed that the Delica does not have a loud “click” noise when the lancet is ejected. Customers also reported that Delica lancets are less painful. 

The design of Delica is lighter than Multiclix. It is thinner with bigger sized ejection buttons. The tip of the lancet is curved, which allows for better accuracy. The dial-up gauge located on the back is reported to be difficult to change settings by mistake because it is so sturdy.


Pip Lancets

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PipLancets offers 30-gauge and 28-gauge needle sizes, as well as three different depth choices. Try PipLancets today!