Diabetes Lancets Subscription | How It Works

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No one likes pricking their fingers, especially multiple times a day! Many people with diabetes have given up on testing their blood sugar because they hate the fingerstick process so much. At Pip, our mission is to provide a lancet that makes this part of your diabetes management a little easier. We have heard from hundreds of customers that claim Pip Lancets helped them overcome the anxiety and fear of fingersticks. 

Pip Painless Lancets

One of our customers’ favorite perks about Pip is our personalized lancet subscription offer. You can customize your lancet subscription based on how often you test your blood sugar. Generally speaking, people test their blood sugar between 1-5 times a day. Pip offers a lancet subscription option for each of these frequencies. See the lancet subscription options listed below:

  • If someone tests their blood sugar once a day, you will get your lancet subscription that includes a box of 100 lancets every 3 months.
  • If someone tests their blood sugar twice a day, you will get your lancet subscription that includes a box of 100 lancets every 6 weeks.
  • If someone tests their blood sugar three times a day, you will get your lancet subscription that includes a box of 100 lancets every month.
  • If someone tests their blood sugar four times a day, you will get your lancet subscription that includes a box of 100 lancets every 3 weeks.
  • If someone tests their blood sugar five times a day or more, you will get your lancet subscription that includes a box of 100 lancets every 2 months.

*You can always skip, cancel or reschedule upcoming orders. Pip’s customer service team is readily available to help you make any of these adjustments to your lancet subscription Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm Central Standard Time. Contact the customer service team through our instant chat, email us at info@piplancets.com or call us at 888-346-9747. Do you need a prescription for diabetic lancets?This is a question customers frequently ask at Pip. The simple answer is no, you do not need a prescription in order to purchase diabetic lancets or have a lancet subscription. However, when working with insurance we recommend speaking with your primary care provider. Some insurance companies require a prescription in order to cover specific brands of lancets and other supplies. With Pip, there is no prescription needed to buy diabetic lancets. You can get a lancet subscription for just $14.95 per refill. If you are looking to get insurance coverage, we recommend filing a claim with your insurance provider to see if they will reimburse you for all or part of it. How much does it cost?Lancet subscriptions can vary in price. Some websites might require you to pay a monthly fee or a membership fee. Pip Lancets on the other hand only charges you for your shipment - no membership fees or monthly fees. Even better, Pip offers FREE shipping with every order. At Pip, each box of lancets costs $14.95 for 100 lancets for the lancet subscription. If you’re opting out of the lancet subscription, the box is $16.95. 

Another bonus with Pip’s lancet subscription offer, it’s only a trial. Cancel anytime.


How does the lancet subscription trial work? 

Start with Pip’s Starter Pack. This includes 50 lancets and a carry case.  All three sizes are included, so you can try each one. After you order the Starter Pack for $9.95, your first lancet subscription refill comes 15 days later. This gives you enough time to try each of these sizes and determine which one is best for you. The refill includes 100 lancets of your preferred size. After that, refills will go out based on your testing frequency as mentioned above. Refills are $14.95 with free shipping on all orders.You will also receive refill reminders via email. In the email, you can skip or swap your upcoming order without even having to log into your account! 

This is a 100 count box of lancets of whichever size you decided was most comfortable for you. It's $14.95 for each refill. 

Reminders before each refill shipment. You can pause, skip or cancel orders at any time.

Save up to 40% on your first order and more than 10% for ongoing shipments - plus free shipping always.

Many Pip subscribers will order one-time purchases in between shipments either to have an extra supply of lancets on hand, pen needles, or to grab an extra carry case! Others add these items to upcoming shipments without subscribing. We also have customers who don't want to commit to a subscription at first, but after they've tried Pip they come back and subscribe later on.Diabetes is hard. Whether you decide to sign up for the lancet subscription or not, getting your diabetes supplies delivered right to your doorstep makes diabetes management a little bit easier. You never have to worry about running out of lancets again. 

Whichever option you prefer - subscription or non-subscription - we think once you try Pip Lancets you’ll never go back to traditional lancets! :) Contact us with any questions you might have. We are always happy to help! Our number is 888-346-9747 and our email is info@piplancets.com.