FAQs about Pip Lancets

Pip Lancet boxes on counter top

We've compiled a collection of frequently asked questions by customers who are interested in trying Pip or who have recently purchased Pip products. For more information, always feel free to reach out to our customer service team at 888-346-9747 or email us at info@piplancets.com. We are happy to help! 

Pip Diabetes Starter Kit
  • How does it work? 
      • With Pip, there's no lancing device needed! These are all-in-one lancets! The needle remains retracted inside the device. To activate the lancet, you simply twist off the top and gently apply pressure to your fingertip. Check out this video below for a demonstration. 

  • Is it covered by insurance? 
      • While we don't work directly with insurance companies, we do recommend speaking with your provider. With some plans, you can file a claim and get reimbursement for all or part of it. However, we are unable to bill your insurance directly at this time. We also accept HSA and FSA cards. 


  • Do I need a lancing device? 
No lancing device needed! These are all-in-one lancets! You don't have to worry about changing your lancet or calibrating your lancing device. The needle is already set to the proper needle gauge and depth.


    • How does the lancet subscription work? 
    • When you purchase our $9.95 Starter Pack, this puts you on a subscription plan. When checking out, you will be asked how often you test your blood sugar. This helps us understand how frequently you should receive a refill shipment. For example, if you test 3 times a day, we recommend getting a box once a month. The trial offer includes 50 lancets and a carry case. There are 30 of the blue lancets, which is typically our most popular size, and 10 of the purple and orange.

      Your first refill ships 15 days after you purchase the Starter Pack. This ensures you enough time to try each of the sizes and determine which one works best for you. Refills include 100 lancets for $15. We automatically set you up on the blue (30Gx1.0mm), however if you decide you prefer the purple or orange you can "Swap" your subscription by logging in to your Customer Portal or reaching out to our customer service team.

      After the first refill, your lancets will ship out based on how frequently you test. If you decide, you do not like the lancets or prefer to order as needed, you can cancel at any time by logging in to your Customer Portal or reaching out to our customer service team. You can also skip, reschedule or cancel refill shipments at any time.  



  • How do I know which size to get? 

      • Our trial offer includes 50 lancets and a carry case. It includes all three sizes of lancets we offer, so you can decide which one works best for you! :) Our blue is 30Gx1.0mm - this is our smallest lancet. The purple has the same needle gauge as the blue but goes slightly deeper - 30Gx1.6mm - this is good if you are looking for a slightly larger blood drop. The orange is our largest lancet - 28Gx1.8mm and typically works best for tougher skin or calloused fingers.


  • What if I don’t like Pip Lancets? 
      • Cancel anytime. No questions asked. You can do this by setting up your Customer Portal login here. You can also reach out to our customer service team at 888-346-9747 or info@piplancets.com and we’d be happy to help you with this! 
  • How do I try it without signing up for a subscription?

    • What makes it “painless”? 
      •  There are three main criteria that determine pain levels in a lancet - needle gauge, needle depth, and spring vibration. Pip Lancets have been specifically engineered to have the proper needle gauge, needle depth and to minimize spring vibration. This is why most customers feel Pips are painless.

    Don't see your question? More questions are listed here. Or contact our customer service team at 888-346-9747.