3 Reasons Customers Love Pip!

Couple holding Pip Lancet Box and smiling

You’ve probably seen our ads by now and if you haven’t tried Pip it’s likely because A) You don’t change your lancets that often and you don’t feel the need to upgrade and/or B) You don’t understand what is so special about these lancets. To summarize, diabetes is hard and pricking your finger is painful and inconvenient especially multiple times a day... We’ve created a lancet that we hope makes this part of your diabetes management a little easier.

Pip Painless Lancets

No lancing device needed, so no more worrying about loading, unloading or adjusting your lancing device. You simply twist off the cap and apply pressure to your finger to activate the lancets!

 Our lancets are safe! The needle is NEVER exposed. It automatically retracts before and after use, so you don't have to worry about accidentally poking yourself or others!

Having a sharps container on hand on top of all the other supplies you have to carry around is impractical. With Pip Lancets, the needle is never exposed - it is fully retracted before and after use. So, if you’re testing on-the-go you don’t have to worry about throwing a used lancet back in your bag only to poke yourself later that day. Or worse, someone else reaching in your bag or finding one of your exposed lancets laying around the house and poking themselves. No more worrying about placing the cap back on or accidental needle pokes with Pip Lancets.


There are 3 main criteria that determine the pain level of a lancet - needle gauge, needle depth and spring vibration. Pip Lancets have been specifically engineered to have the proper needle gauge, needle depth and to minimize spring vibration. This is why most of our customers feel Pip Lancets are pain-free

  • Needle Gauge - for obvious reasons, the larger the needle, the higher the pain level associated with the needle. This is the primary reason that, over time, more and more people have moved toward smaller and smaller needles. There have also been advancements in glucose meters to where smaller and smaller blood samples are needed - therefore, allowing a smaller needle to be used.
  • Puncture depth - again, for obvious reasons. The deeper the poke, the more pain you’ll likely feel.
  • Spring vibration - while not as obvious, this is the primary reason for painful fingersticks. Devices that have very limited or no vibration of the needle when used will cause significantly less pain. 


Start with our trial offer - this is our Starter Pack and includes 50 lancets and a carry case. This includes all three different sizes we offer, so you can try each one out and decide which one works best for you!