How To Use A Disposable Lancet

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A disposable lancet is also frequently referred to as a single-use lancet. When learning how to use a disposable lancet, remember that it is intended to be used once and then promptly thrown away. 

You can use disposable lancets with a lancing device or alone. When used correctly, they can successfully obtain a capillary blood sample to monitor your blood sugar levels adequately. On rare occasions, individuals might also use lancing devices to draw blood effectively for some other necessary testing. 

You will find that lancets all share the following characteristics no matter what brand you choose: 

  • Tamper-resistant firm safety seal or a mechanism
  • Needles come in various gauges
  • Ultrafine tri bevel tip 
Pip Lancets

    Steps to Use a Disposable Lancet To Draw Blood

    Instructions on how to use a disposable lancet: 

    1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water
    2. Dry your hands
    3. Swab your fingertip with an alcohol swab (many people forego this step because they feel it makes the blood collection process sting more) 
    4. Break the safety seal on the lancet and read the included directions
    5. Select the fingertip where you will be obtaining the blood to put on the test strip
    6. Inspect your finger - it is best to aim slightly off the center of the fingertip and not the bullseye 
    7. Insert the lancet into the lancing device (if you are using a lancing device) via the lancing device's unique directions typically; this entails removing the cover on the lancing device and inserting the lancet. At that point, you will determine the depth on the device, and then you can effectively place the lancing device against your fingertip to launch the lancet using the device's tailored instructions. 
    8. If you are using a disposable lancet that requires no lancet device such as the easy-to-use Pip Lancets, then you can skip step six.
    9. With a Pip Lancet, you twist off the lid of the lancet for fast use without a lancing device.
    10. Apply pressure against your fingertip when using the Pip Lancet, and the device will automatically activate against your finger. 
    11. Place a drop or two of blood on one of the test strips to check your blood glucose
    12. Wipe away any excess blood from your fingertip
    13. Dispose of the Pip Lancet immediately after use. If you used a traditional lancet device, then eject the lancet to dispose of it and recap the device for future use. 

    Tips to Reduce Fingertip Pain When Using a Disposable Lancet

    A properly engineered lancet causes less pain when used properly, although some people are more sensitive to the prick of the needle then others. However, there are steps that you can take to reduce the fingertip pain when using a disposable lancet for a finger stick. 

    • As mentioned above, in the steps on how to use a disposable lancet, test on the side of your fingertip and not directly in the center. 
    • Warm-up your hands prior to pricking your fingertip by rubbing them together rapidly and massaging to improve circulation.
    • Do not press the lancet needle too hard into your fingertip.
    • Avoid always using the index finger or thumb because those are the fingers you frequently use in your day-to-day life. 
    • Alternate fingers during each test, so you never use the same finger in a row when testing.
    • Always use a disposable lancet to obtain blood for glucose monitoring - never reuse lancets. 

      Benefits of Pip Disposable Lancets

      A tremendous amount of research and study went into the development of the Pip Disposable Lancet. They are not only discrete but convenient. In addition, users report that they are comfortable and do not cause a great deal of discomfort when used properly. 

      You can see that it is a bit of a process using traditional lancets. Therefore, foregoing the complicated lancet device is a perk that most people who must frequently check their blood glucose levels appreciate. The Pip Lancet is a disposable all-in-one lancet and lancing device. You don't have to load or unload it, nor do you have to figure out accurate depth settings. Also, you are not faced with carrying a cumbersome lancet device. 

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